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There is great wisdom to be found in the ancient yoga tradition of India, which can enrich our life in a modern world. At Pomeda Consulting, we are dedicated to making this wisdom available in ways that are non-dogmatic, practical and relevant.

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  • What is Yoga?

    This seminar is an invitation to dive deep into the secret wisdom of the ancient yoga.
    Duration: May be adapted, from 3 hours to 1 day.

  • The Mystery of Karma

    How does karma work? What lies beyond this life? How can I overcome my fear?...
    Duration: 1 day.

  • Spanda: The Pulsation of Life

    What is the secret of the tremendous display of energy behind all natural phenomena?
    Duration: May be adapted, from 3 hrs to a week.

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  • Friday, May, 2nd, 20147:30pm - 9:30pmTriyoga Meditation workshopTriyoga Chelsea, London
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