Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, from creating complete training packages and curricula for studios and other learning institutions, through developing content and material, in addition to delivering a variety of courses, workshops, etc., in a variety of settings.

These seminars and other offerings combine a dynamic and insightful presentation of the material with the opportunity to experience directly some of the most powerful practices of the yoga tradition, in a pleasant interactive format.

Most of them can be adapted to various durations, and some are idoneous for a retreat setting, where a topic and a set of practices can be explored more in depth.

These seminars are of interest to:

  • Hatha Yoga teachers and practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of the roots of the tradition and its multiple facets

  • Meditators and spiritual seekers interested in deepening their understanding of the ancient teachings and practices

  • Students interested in this fascinating tradition

  • Anyone interested in the philosophy, culture and spirituality of India


Yogic Wisdom for Modern Life®:

Some Representative Seminars, Workshops and Courses

What is Yoga?

This seminar is an invitation to dive deep into the secret wisdom of the ancient yoga texts through their fascinating evolution, development and the perspectives they provide, which enrich our life. The seminar is also an opportunity to find answers about the origins and applications of yoga, as well as its main schools and teachings and its various practices.

Duration: May be adapted, from 3 hours to 1 day.

The Mystery of Karma and the Journey of the Soul

How does karma work? How does it shape my destiny and how can I change my destiny? What lies beyond this life? What happens during death? How can I best prepare for it? How can I overcome my fear? How can I help others to make the transition? These are some of the questions that the workshop will address, drawing from the wisdom of ancient yogic texts. Immensely relevant, meaningful and practical, this workshop will provide you with understanding, practices and strategies to deal with the forces that shape our destiny, and with the inevitable process of life and death. This will help us and others to put our life in perspective, make the transition smoothly and address unsolved issues in our lives.

Duration: 1 day.

Spanda: The Pulsation of Life (Spanda Karika)

What is the secret of the tremendous display of energy behind all natural phenomena? What is the dynamism of life? What is that power which enlivens our senses and our mind? What is the vitality behind our consciousness? Most important, how can we be in contact with the source of energy and happiness? These are some of the questions explored in this fascinating seminar. Drawing from one of the fundamental texts of Tantric Shaivism in Kashmir, this course explores the very foundation of life and the universe, unveiling powerful insights and a variety of transformative practices that have the potential to radically transform and enrich our lives.

Duration: May be adapted, from 3 hrs to a week.

The Bhagavad Gita

What is the relationship between the emotions and yoga? What is the relationship between yoga and our daily activities? And knowledge? The yoga tradition developed since its beginnings various approaches that are capable of providing meaning, depth and joy not only to our practice, but to the rest of our lives as well. This seminar explores the answers of the yoga tradition since its beginning, through an exploration of the Bhagavad Gita, one of its fundamental scriptures.

Duration: 3 hours to 1 weekend.